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Liv Connelly l Queen of the Water Walkers l Sea of Embers Saga




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In the ancient times, the sea kingdoms divided rule was harmoniously governed between dragons and water walkers. That is, until the dragons unleashed chaos upon the water walkers harnessing a rare wild magic. After centuries, the Dragon Kings reign of terror came to its end and a new Dragon King throned. Determined to bring harmony back to the waters, a treaty was formed. 


The first born of the water walker reign would marry the king's offspring to become their Dragon Queen, uniting division between races.


Luckily for nineteen year old Evie, no Dragon King offspring had ever been reported and doubtfully ever would be in her lifetime. Trapped in a life of palace walls and an improbable arranged marriage, Evie finds solace dreaming of the world on land.


That is, until the Dragon King unexpectedly arrives declaring he was to collect a wife for his son… her.


Evie’s desperate attempts to escape her fate, found her trading her crown for magic to unbind her duties, which consequently led her to discover everything she thought she'd known about her kingdom, her best friend and herself, a lie. 


Torn between love for her father, and her desire to set his deceit right for her people, Evie is pulled into a dangerous quest for knowledge and discovers far more than she ever bargained for. Not knowing who to trust, or where to turn, one thing was clear...Evie needed help, and fast.

 She learns a Kingdom bound upon the deepest darkest lies reveals two certainties. No matter who or how many, those who discovered the truth; faced a lethal consequence, death.


And she was next.


Left with no choice but to confront the Dragon king and trade her hand in marriage for their aid. In a world of deceit and murky waters with kingdoms at the brink of war, the unlikely couple finds themselves at the center of it all. When the husband she has grown to despise risks his honor, his throne, and his life to save her, she must decide if she is willing to gamble it all for the truth. 


Thrown into a world of danger and intrigue, can a love tested by the deadliest of secrets  and an alliance survive the forces of kingdom's at war? Find out in this thrilling story of honour, survival, and the power of the heart. 

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