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Liv Connelly Author

Liv Connelly

Behind the Author

Liv Connelly is the author of romance fantasy series Beautiful Collision and the Sea of Embers Saga. She is a writer, designer and lover of ancient wisdom, laughter and life.
Liv is always in the midst of some project she can sink her teeth into, an adventure or indulging in the planning of the next. 
There were a few years of Liv Connelly's life where she found it difficult to sleep. Liv spent her time in the early hours of the night immersed in novels. Novel after novel, a formula emerged and with it, a sudden urge to write. And so it began, ignited by a profound creative impulse. At night, Liv typed and typed while running a business by day. It wasn't until the novel was completed that Liv began to sleep.

Liv's deep curiosity in ancient wisdom and life unfolded in many ways as she wrote this novel. Experiences fueled her creative exploration, and the profound teachings of philosophical thinkers, notably Rumi, played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative's depth. The narrative draws from Liv's journey and the influence of authors seamlessly blending mysticism and romance. Beautiful Collision evolved from Liv's fascination with the delicate dance between fate and free will, a theme woven intricately into the narrative. Liv's books are an enchanting blend of fantasy and romance, catering to readers seeking an immersive, otherworldly escape.

Main themes in Liv Connelly's work:

Resilience and Self-Discovery: Unveiling the protagonist's transformative journey towards self-discovery and resilience amid life's challenges.
Soul Connection: Exploration of deep, transformative connections, resonating with spiritual and personal growth through profound relationships.
Destined Paths: Unveiling and embracing one's unique path of purpose inspires reflection and serves as a guiding light for self-discovery. 

Each theme guides readers through introspective exploration, connecting with the profound and magical elements of the fantasy romance narrative.
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