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Beautiful Collision Liv Connelly

Helena’s near-drowning incident in the dead of night impossibly conjured up a man, mid-ocean, who swam her to shore, never to be seen again. Confusion and guilt swallowed her whole. Yet, a second chance at life possibly at the cost of another drove her to fight for the first time, and truly live.

Strength, sass and self-belief became Helena’s new life recipe, up until she laid eyes on new boss, Carter Walker. It was impossible to ignore the fact that in his presence, her heart did strange things, and so did the weather.

Hailstorms were not her only concern. A girl with a trail of dead bodies followed her, warned Helena to go into hiding. Magical repeating numbers and strange dreams manifested into her reality, something was going on…and none of it normal. Helena’s whole concept of normal is confronted, forcing her to question her reality, herself and especially her boss.

Helena learns she’s Arian, a highly evolved being, and the attraction to Carter went far deeper than she’d imagined. They shared an ancient soul connection which awakened a sacred gift within, an elemental power that placed a deadly target on her head. Not only that, there was a secret war going on and her kind were being hunted for their essence.

She was one of the few left.

The Arian’s ruled their lives around sacred prophecies written in stone. As warriors, Arian were sent to save Earth from the deadliest breed of predator, but with their failed attempts, a new prophecy unfolded.

Carter discovers that the very person predestined to destroy the world he knew and loved was his own soul mate. Their combined energies were what held the universal balance, and for millennia, dark kingdoms conspired to keep them apart.

He had to become whatever it took to prevent this. Because if they were caught, death and the destruction of Earth wasn’t his greatest fear, it was what they would take from Helena – her very soul.

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