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Queen of the Water Walkers: Sea of Embers Saga


Rays of sunlight from the sea’s surface streamed down, warming the bottom of the ocean, then disappeared in a blink. The shadow from a large sea creature which swam above the class lasted longer than usual, Evie’s lip curled to one side as she fought to hide her elated grin. The darkness wasn’t caused by a whale, there was no way they would come this close to shore. The only creature that big would have to be…

“Which species has the capability to change colour… Princess Evelyn?” At her name Evie jolted, sitting up in her chair and her head whipped towards Mrs Tobin, who met Evie’s widened eyes with a stern but disappointed frown.


“When are you going to stop daydreaming and pay attention? There is no future for you with those above water.” Evie slumped back into her chair and tuned out as Mrs Tobin repeated her usual lecture. Some of the students grunted. Simon, the boy seated at the desk beside Evie, looked over at James Mckinley, she caught them both rolling their eyes. At Evie or the teacher she couldn’t be sure, but she didn’t care. Evie was very aware of what the class thought of her, what the entire Mermaid kingdom thought of her; the naive princess with her head firmly stuck in the clouds. It didn’t bother Evie as much as it bothered them. Their one princess, destined to carry on the succession of their beloved mermaid dynasty, along with the entire Merfolk kingdom once her poor Father passed away. Problem was, she held more interest in the world on land than under the sea. Evie pushed thick locks of wavy snow white hair behind her ears, the tiara suddenly becoming unbearably heavy.

She didn’t choose it. She didn’t want it, and without hesitation, would happily give up her crown.


A muted shrill bell pierced Evie's ears, she snatched up her books and dashed out of class leaving a trail of bubbles and a rush of water behind her. 


The shallows were definitely not where her Father would have liked her to spend time. Luckily the other mermaids wouldn’t be caught dead here. Not only because the humans could sight you, but it was known that dragons lived in the shallows. 

The exact reason Evie explored this area.

Dragon mothers nested her young and kept them there until they were big enough to fend for themselves. Those who grew into remarkably large Dragon’s held promise to become a Dragon warrior and were honoured with the duty of protecting ancient caves. These caves held sacred knowledge about the Fae world which had to be protected from humans. Unfortunately for them, Dragon warriors remained protecting these sacred caves for the rest of their long, utterly lonely lives. 


An honour Evie found to be highly debatable. One which made her blood boil.


“Jack!” She squealed and hurtled towards her best friend, who just so happened to be a Dragon. Her arms clasped around his large black and violet scaled neck, well a quarter of it. Jack was now in his teens and he was growing pretty darn fast. A large sparkling forest green eye followed Evie's every movement. 

“Nice headpiece,” Jack laughed. 

With blossoming cheeks she fumbled with the tiara cutting into her head and slipped the heavy crown deep into her bag. Even in her mad dash to find him, she was shocked she forgot to take it off. The crown was unbelievably heavy and uncomfortable, it pushed down on her ears and for the majority of the time gave her a headache. Yet she had to endure it. Every. Single. Day. Apart from when she spent time with Jack. She liked that about their time together, Evie was just a normal mermaid to her dragon bestie. 


    A sight in itself a rarity. Dragons and mermaids once ruled the sea kingdom together in harmony. Until the reign of Horton, a greedy power hungry dragon with a rare ability to breathe fire with water, who went to war against the mermaids. Many deaths followed, especially her kind which sadly caused the mermaids to go into hiding for centuries. Now, with a different Dragon ruler, a peace had been made which allowed the merfolk to come out of hiding and live a semi-normal life. But caution amongst dragons was heavily ingrained to all from young, especially with the knowledge that the bloodline of dragon royalties had Horton’s deathly ability to breathe fire with water. A trust had been broken, and no matter what laws were set in place for peace, Dragons would always be tainted with fear and a morbid loathing amongst Evie’s kind.

An elated Jack snapped Evie out of her thoughts. “I heard the cottage close to Stenmark Bay is on fire, wanna go see?” Jack didn't need a response, of course she did! 

Jack’s head dipped under the water's surface and Evie curled her mermaid tail, wedging it between his spiked spine and held on for dear life as he drew closer to the shore. Scales glistened, water splashed as gigantic black wings fanned out, capturing the wind, sweeping them both up and up and up into the blue sky. Wind roared past her cheeks, leaving a trail of her long white hair billowing behind her. The heat of the sun shone on her tails blue green scales as Evie breathed in the sweet air, this was her favourite thing to do, she felt at home here, flying on her dragon below the beautiful vast land. Evie felt safe with Jack, he would always catch her if she fell, which had happened a few more times than she would like to admit. Sometimes Evie’s daydreaming got the better of her and her hands would lose grip… 

The daydreams were always the same, every time. Evie dreamed of walking the lands with her dragon beside her, free as humans with long strong legs, none of their duties to burden them, to seperate them, to force them to live lives they dreaded.


Rolling green hills in every green colour possible was clouded by black smoke. The black and white cottage so carefully cared for had a torrent of flames exploding through the windows, the roofs blaze stretched with angry flames over to the pine tree in close proximity. If only they could put the fire out… 

“Closer!” She yelled. Jack swooped down, nearer and nearer to the blazing cottage. A whiff of smoke caught Evie's inhale and her lungs constricted, each cough causing her ribcage to jolt which forced Evie's tail to slide out of its hold between Jack’s spikes. Dread filled the both of them as they realised what was happening. Sliding down his side, the only thing holding Evie up was her one arm that clung onto Jack's spike but it was quickly losing grip. 

Humans were just below, spotted around the house running back and forth from the lake with buckets trying to put out the fire. There was a cloak of invisible protection which hid the fae folk from humans but the magic didn't last long and if there was a believer, they could see everything. 

To be caught by the humans, Evie and Jack’s new home would be in a zoo or worse, a laboratory.

Jack angled his body so that he was flying on his side to keep Evie flat against his large body but more smoke wafted with his movement and Evie inhaled every single billow of it.

Choking, spluttering, coughing, Evie’s lungs compressed, she became airborne, plummeting down so fast everything before her grew in size at double speed. 

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